Hold Back the Tide Blog Tour Review

I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the Hold Back the Tide by Melinda Salisbury Blog Tour hosted by The Book Terminal Tours.

Check out my review below!

About the Book

From internationally bestselling, acclaimed author Melinda Salisbury comes a darkly seductive story of murder, betrayal, love, and family secrets in a small town in the Scottish Highlands.

Here are the rules of living with a murderer.

One: Do not draw attention to yourself.

Of course, when you live with a murderer, this is impossible. Even the subtlest of spectres is bound to be noticed. Which leads to the next rule.

Two: If you can’t be invisible, be useful.

Everyone in this quiet lakeside community knows that Alva’s father killed her mother, all those years ago. There wasn’t enough proof to arrest him, though, and with no other family, Alva’s been forced to live with her mother’s murderer, doing her best to survive until she can earn enough money to run away.

One of her chores is to monitor water levels in the loch-a task her father takes very seriously. Their family has been the guardian of the loch for generations. It’s a cold, lonely task, and a few times, Alva can swear she feels someone watching her.

But the more Alva investigates, the more she realizes that the truth can be more monstrous than lies, and that you can never escape your past …

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Alva has been afraid of her father since the night she heard him fire those four shots. Four shots and her mother was dead. Now she’s planning her escape.

This was a fast paced YA fantasy set along a lake up in the Scottish Highlands. Alva and her father take care of the lake but as each year passes the lake gets more and more shallow. When strange things start happening and her father becomes more agitated Alva is even more desperate to get away.

I liked Alva’s character. She was fearless and when she is faced with the monsters that haunt the lake she discovers that what happened on that fateful night so many years ago may not be what it seemed. With the help of a boy named Ren, Alva is forced to fight against all she thought she knew.

I really enjoyed the dynamic between Alva and Ren. I definitely ship them! The relationship she has with her father is much more strained but I liked the understanding they come to about one another as the story develops. If you’re looking for a fun YA Fantasy that isn’t too complex but still enjoyable than I would definitely recommend this one!

Favorite Quotes

“If I listened to my instincts, if I fled whenever he came into a room, startled every time he picked up a knife or a hammer or a gun, he’d know something was wrong…”

“Right now, my father’s eyes are fathomless, cold and deep as the water outside, and I fight not to flinch as I meet them”

“It’s too late. I understand. Now I die. For a while, at least.”

About the Author

Melinda Salisbury was born in the 1980s in a landlocked city, before escaping to live by the sea. As a child, she genuinely thought Roald Dahl’s Matilda was her biography. When she’s not trying to unlock the hidden avenues of her mind, she’s reading, writing, or traveling. She lives in the UK and can be found on Twitter as @MESalisbury, though be warned she tweets often.


Social media: Twitter         Instagram

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