The 20 Question Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Lilly over at Lair of Books & I couldn’t be more excited to participate in this Book Blog Tag! If you haven’t visited Lily’s blog before than you should blog hop on over there to check out her awesome posts!!

Now on to the many book recommendations to fill your TBR piles!

1. How many books is too many books in a book series? 

I think that 7 books is pushing it but if the series is brilliant than it’s worth it! For example, The Bone Season!! It’s a fantastic series but it’s taking forever in between release dates. I’m hoping that will change as it continues but we’re only on book three so it may be a while!
2. How do you feel about cliffhangers? 

I think it depends on how well the cliffhanger is done and how long I have to wait until the next installment. Lord of Shadows left me broken and I still have to wait until December to find out what happens! It’s agony!

3. Hardback or paperback? 

I prefer hardback only because I feel like they are more durable. They are easier to transport when necessary as well. I tend to leave my books on the side of the couch so they can take a beating when the dogs are being crazy. I feel less anxious about leaving them there when they’ve got a nice hard cover to protect them!

4. Favorite book?

Oh my goodness! This one is a tough one to answer! If we’re talking about favorite book right now it would be Love & Gelato! It’s such an adorable book! Some of my others include The Night Circus and Scythe to name a few!   

5. Least favorite book? 

My least favorite book at the moment is The Bone Witch. I’m working my way through it for the second time. Although the world building is good and the concept is interesting, the pacing is so slow that I feel we haven’t learned enough about what is going on outside of the Willows of Ankyo. If it weren’t for the pace I think I’d really enjoy it.

6. Love triangles, yes or no? 

Depends on the book and the characters. 🙂

7. The most recent book you just couldn’t finish? 

As You Wish by Chelsea Sedoti. I struggled with the main character a lot. I found the concept interesting but there were some themes that I didn’t really feel were necessary to the story.

8. A book you’re currently reading? 

I’m currently reading…

Soulmated by Shaila Patel

Genesis by Brendan Reichs

Love Songs & Other Lies by Jessica Pennington

9. Last book you recommended to someone?

The last I recommended was Daughter of the Siren Queen by Tricia Levenseller! I loved this duology so much! Who wouldn’t love a squashbuckling pirate book!!

10. Oldest book you’ve read? (Publication date) 

It was a close race between Pride & Prejudice and Frankenstein by three years difference! P&P’s publication date is 1813 with Frankenstein at 1818.

11. Newest book you’ve read? (Publication date) 

Antipodesby Michele Bacon. It’s publication date is set for April 3, 2018! Just a few days away now!

12. Favorite author? 

I have a few! Leigh Bardugo, Sarah J. Maas, and Cassandra Clare are top of my list! As far as book events go where I’ve been so lucky to talk to authors on a monthly basis I’d have to go with Nicola Yoon, Margaret Stohl, Kendare Blake, Rae Carson, and Katharine McGee!

13. Buying books or borrowing books? 

Most of the books that I buy are for events so that they can be signed. The rest of my reading is for ARC’s that I get and then I listen to the rest on Scribd or Audible. I do use Overdrive now and then for library books but most seem to be on Scribd! I guess you could classify Scribd as borrowing since I just pay a monthly fee to have unlimited access to ebooks and audiobooks!

14. A book you dislike that everyone else seem to love?

Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas. I’m a huge Maas fan and love both of her series but ToD was a big disappointment. Let’s just say it should’ve stayed a novella because that 18 hour audio book I listened to was about 15 hours too long!

15. Bookmarks or dog-ears? 

Bookmarks! Not only are they beautiful but they also keep my book pages from getting to too much damage. I pride myself in having good looking books!

16. A book you can always reread? 

It’s sad to admit but I missed the Harry Potter train and didn’t start reading them until the last year, which I’m still not finished doing yet. I still have book 6 & 7.

I didn’t miss the Twilight train though! I love them so much and have re-read them more than a couple of times.

17. Can you read while hearing music? 

I actually read while the t.v. is on all the time. My fiance loves his car shows so when he’s watching t.v. in the evenings I’m there next to him with a book in my hands!

18. One POV or multiple POV’s? (POV’s = Point of views) 

I love multiple POV’s because I feel like you get so much more out of the story but sometimes if you have too many it can be confusing.

19. Do you read a book in one sitting or over multiple days? 

I read them in multiple days. I do have a bit of ADD so I tend to get distracted easily. This is also why it’s easier for me to read when there is some sort of noise in the background either the t.v. or music.

20. A book you’ve read because of the cover?

This question is probably the most difficult because I read books because of their covers! I don’t read synopsis when I see books. Recommendations always help but 98% of the time it’s the cover that draws me in!


 Who do you tag?

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23 thoughts on “The 20 Question Tag

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  1. I love your answers. Some of mine will be similar. Thanks for the tag!

    I too read many books because of the cover, but I read the synopsis after picking it up to see if my interest is peaked.


    1. Thank you! I can’t wait to see your answers!

      I usually check goodreads to see if any of my bookish friends have read it and what they’ve rated it. It’s up to cover and recommendation for me when it comes to reading! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for tagging me! Just like you, I proud myself of having good-looking books! My books are mostly in pristine condition because I’m paranoid about my book condition (haha). I have never heard of scrbd. I’m gonna check that out. Thanks for letting us know!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks a bunch for the tag! I don’t post tags on my blog but I’ll drop the answers here if that’s alright with you!

    1. I don’t have a preference for series length but can tell pretty easily while reading a series when the author started to run out of fresh content/new things to say. As long as you can keep escalating and upping the stakes, I say go for it.

    2. I love cliffhangers!! They’re cruel and drive me crazy, but they make for a good story.

    3. I prefer reading paperback but love photographing hardcover.

    4. My favorite book is The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan.

    5. My least favorite book? I’ve only DNFed one in my blogging career and that was The Program by Suzanne Collins. I didn’t even get 60 pages in before putting it away and don’t have any plans to give it another try.

    6. I tend to dislike love triangles unless the author can do something fresh with them. In my writing, I avoid them unless the story calls for one.

    7. The last book I just couldn’t finish was The Program.

    8. I’m currently reading To Kill a Mockingbird and absolutely love it!

    9. The last book I recommended was The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. It’s a nonfiction book about the 1893 Chicago Worlds’ Fair and is way more interesting than it sounds.

    10. The oldest book I’ve read is Romeo and Juliet.

    11. The newest book I’ve read is The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton.

    12. My favorite author is, of course, Marina Keegan, but my favorite author with multiple books is Ally Carter! Her books are such a guilty pleasure of mine.

    13. I rarely borrow books because I’m such a freak about how I care for my books. I’m totally cool with used books, but like to annotate in my books.

    14. I really hated The Belles, even though everyone seems to love it. The concept was unique, but it was poorly-written and incredibly disappointing.

    15. I dog-ear my pages. Sorry, not sorry.

    16. I always reread Ally Carter’s books! I’m rereading her Gallagher Girls series now and my middle school self is thriving.

    17. I can read while listening to music. Come to think of it, I can do almost anything while listening to music. I danced competitively in school and continue to dance in college, so I grew up in a studio environment where there was always music playing. Because of that, I think that I subconsciously associate music with work.

    18. I prefer one POV, but this is because I wildly prefer first person over third person.

    19. If I could read books in one sitting, I totally would, but my schedule rarely allows for that kind of time commitment.

    20. I’ve bought books because of their covers, but I can’t think of one that was purely a cover-read.

    Thanks again for the tag!!

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    1. Love this post! Your answers were great! I only dog-ear if I like a quote on the page. I can’t bring myself to write/highlight inside them. Other than that I’m a bookmark girl.


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