Marissa Meyer Event Moderation ReCap

I was so excited when my book bestie Krysti over at YA and Wine asked if I would moderate Marissa Meyer’s Wires and Nerve: Volume Two release event hosted by our lovely indie shop The King’s English! The last time Marissa was here was when she released Heartless so I knew it’d be a good time! She was so much fun to moderate for and to hear all her speak about her writing journey doing a graphic novel was really neat! I hope she’ll be back again!

Now on to the Discussion!!

(Disclaimer) Let’s just say we’ve been hosting our book club for two years now and we still have trouble remembering who’s turn it is to ask the next question so this time we made sure to highlight our speaking parts! It was a SUCCESS!!

Question 1.  You have, of course, previously written several bestselling YA novels. Can you tell us about your writing process for these graphic novels and how it was different from when you’ve written your other books?

Answer. The writing process was much slower because you’re looking at things frame by frame and trying to envision not only the dialogue but what image will be in that particular space so it was definitely a whole new experience.

Question 2.  The illustrations in these books are so much fun. Being huge fans of your Lunar Chronicle series, it was really fun for us to see those characters brought to life. What was your reaction the first time you saw them?

Answer.  Amazed. They were even better than I could’ve imagines. There is definitely no way I could’ve done what the illustrators did for these two books. They really brought the images to life!

Question 3. So of all the illustrated characters in WIRES AND NERVE, which one most closely matches what you envisioned while you were writing the Lunar Chronicles?

Answer. Wolf was spot on. He was definitely the character that most resembled my vision for him.

Question 4. Do you plan on doing any more graphic novels in the future?

Answer.  Yes, possibly picture books as well while my girls are still young enough.

Question 5. Okay, we’re going to have you put on your Sorting Hat for just a minute…literally. (Have her put on the hat) We’re going to have you sort some of your characters into their Hogwarts houses. Which would you sort Cinder into? Scarlet? Cress? Winter? Levana? What’s your house?


This video doesn’t exist

She even sorted her two adorable twin girls who came up in stage to hang out for a bit!!

Question 6. I think it’s safe to say that you have a lot of fans in this audience tonight, but your number one fan is also here. She’s in our book club, and her name is Jenessa, and she wanted us to ask what inspired the futuristic/sci-fi world of the Lunar Chronicles.

Answer. Shows like Star Wars and Firefly were the most influential in wanting to write Sci-Fi.

Question 7. The Lunar Chronicles books are, of course, inspired by classic fairy tales, and Heartless is inspired by Alice in Wonderland. What is your favorite fairy tale, and if you haven’t written a retelling of it, would you?

Answer. Bluebeard or Rumpelstiltskin would be really fun to write. I tend to gravitate toward the darker aspects of fairy tales and never understood some things like why Rumpelstiltskin wants a baby. So it would be fun to write something around one of those books.

Question 8. Where did you get your inspiration for Cinder, like what made you think of doing her character as a Cyborg?

Answer. I had a dream about Cinderella one night but instead of her shoe falling off it was her foot and that sparked the ideas that “What if Cinderella was actually a Cyborg” which then got me thinking about what that world would look like, and what the society would look like.

Last but not least our amazing book min crew was there to support us and Marissa Meyer!! We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for their support! We’ve truly made some amazing friends!!

Have you read The Lunar Chronicles? Which book was your favorite? Who is your favorite character? Have you read Wires and Nerve yet? What other graphic novels have you read? 

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      1. I might need some training, haha! But listening to audiobooks takes the time I listen to music (and music is a huge part of my life) so I’m not sure if I could make that sacrifice, haha. I would listen to them at 1.5 speed too since that saves a lot of time!

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    1. Yes! We are lucky to have them! These are lots of fun and not overly Sci-fi. I really enjoyed them! They’ve been on my list for years so I’m glad I finally it around to reading them! I also don’t read much Sci-fi which probably contributed to me liking them so much!


    1. Thank you!! It was such an amazing experience! I still can’t believe we were given the opportunity to do it! I hope there will be more to come! We got so many fun questions from fans on Twitter & of course Krysti is a queen at discussion questions!

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