The Wendy: Cover Reveal & Excerpt

Today is the cover reveal for Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown’s new book The Wendy! I was excited when Erin contacted me to ask if I would participate in the cover real for her new novel on none other than New Year’s Day! This cover is gorgeous and I can’t wait to dive into this YA Historical Fiction Retelling!! Let’s bring on 2018 with this stunning cover reveal….

On to the reveal!


About The Wendy

Title: The Wendy

Authors: Erin Michelle Sky & Steven Brown

Publisher: Trash Dogs Media, LLC

Release date: January 16, 2017

Length: 280 pages

Find it Here


“Girls can’t be in the navy! Girls take care of babies! You’re so stupid, you don’t know anything!”

London. 1783. Wendy Darling is an orphan, living in an overcrowded almshouse, ridiculed for believing in a future she can never have. More than anything in the world, she wants to be the captain of a ship. But that’s impossible.
Isn’t it?

By 1789, she’s sixteen, old enough to be sold into service as a dressmaker or a servant. When she learns the Home Office is accepting a handful of women into its ranks, she jumps at the chance, joining the fight against the most formidable threat England has ever faced. Magic.

But the secret service isn’t exactly what she had hoped. Accompanied by a reimagined cast of the original Peter Pan, Wendy soon discovers that her dreams are as far away as ever, that choosing sides isn’t as simple as she thought, and that the only man who isn’t blinded by her gender… might be her nation’s greatest enemy.



*Note: Chapter 1 is from the POV of 10 year old Wendy Darling but the rest of the novel is set later in time when she is 17.
Chapter 1
By the year 1780, London was bursting at the seams. Almost a million people had been stuffed into every nook and cranny, and a good number of these had no idea where they had come from. Nestled in baskets and swaddled in rags, they had appeared overnight on the doorsteps of almshouses all over the city. Babies. Staring wide-eyed at mystified caretakers, demanding explanations.
But there were none to be had.
This was why Wendy Darling believed in magic. It was the only thing that made sense.
Opinions, however, were divided on the subject.
“Babies don’t come from magic. They come from mothers.”
Mortimer Black was seven and thought he knew everything. He was different from the other children because he had arrived with a note. The note gave his name, penned in a woman’s delicate hand, and he lorded it over the rest of them every chance he got. Mortimer knew he had a mother.
“Just because some babies come from mothers doesn’t mean they all do,” Wendy would argue. She was also seven, but she was very logical.
“Yes, they do all,” he would counter. “You’re just jealous ’cause you don’t have a real name.”
“You take that back! Wendy Darling is my real name!”
But she had her doubts.
Mrs. Healey, the caretaker, was fond of the name Wendy and thought her a darling child. Wendy, darling, fetch me the pitcher, please, she would say. Or,Wendy, darling, where has little Charlie run off to?
Wendy secretly thought Mortimer might have a point.
“You’re nobody,” he would tell her, laughing and poking her with a cruel finger. “You’re just a foundling!”
Fortunately, Wendy had an excellent right jab. That usually ended the matter, at least until she was ten. Ten was the year Wendy’s whole life ended before it had even begun.

About Dragon Authors

Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown

From their website:

image1-300x214As a child, Erin fell in love with llamas and with the books of Anne McCaffrey, whose Dragonriders of Pern series inspired her to become a writer. When she finally met Anne McCaffrey at a fantasy convention some two decades later, she wept uncontrollably throughout the entire affair. She does significantly better with llamas.

Steven spent his childhood reading anything he could get his hands on, sharing his favorite stories with his younger brothers and then acting them out, especially if this required sword fighting on horseback. When they ran out of books, he wrote his own, including his brothers as the main characters by sketching original illustrations on magazine clippings.

Together, they are Dragon Authors, writing science fiction and fantasy novels for teens and adults. Their first title, The Intuitives, was released on July 25, 2017 by Trash Dogs Media LLC.

You can find them as Dragon Authors on most social media.

Have you read The Intuitives? What other retellings are on your list for 2018?

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  1. Thank you so much for this! And HAHAHAHA I forgot that goofy photo of us was still up there, but now I have to leave it because it made me laugh–which is good luck on New Year’s Day! May we all enjoy a year of laughter in 2018, starting with these two goofballs! 💖

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