Penguin Teen Tour Recap!

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was when we found out the Penguin Teen Tour was making another stop in our city! I definitely jumped on The King’s English website and pre-ordered my ticket to the event as soon as it was posted! I had so much fun getting to know these ladies and if any of you get a chance to meet them definitely take the time to do it! They are incredibly knowledgeable in the writing game, hilarious, genuine, and had the best chemistry together. There was tons of laughter, Buffy recaps, and how each author felt about love triangles and insta-love!


Things I learned about each one of these fabulous ladies!

Danielle Vega

Danielle grew up on horror books and movies. Her mother used to read her Stephen King as a child and that really fueled her love of everything horror. She’s a Buffy fanatic and would cosplay her at any ComicCon! She hates insta-love but feels that sometimes it is necessary to the story, especially with her books because she’s gotta get to the torture! There’s no time for love in horror! She loves reading twisted psychological thrillers and watching The Exorcist!

Romina Russell

Romina has a Galaxy Guide that helps her keep each element of her complex world building in order so that she doesn’t miss anything during her writing process. It even has chemistry elements of each of her planets makeup in it which I found to be really really cool! When we talked about love triangles her thoughts were that it works if it derives from the character, and their development, instead of out of the plot.

Morgan Rhodes

Morgan had some really good advice when it came to aspiring and current writers, and that is to keep plugging along no matter the obstacles, hold on to your vision, and always remember that the characters you create deserve to have their stories told. She has also written over 30 books!! She’s Team Jacob in the books and Team Edward on the big screen!!

Aditi Khorana

Aditi’s views on books was so beautifully put. She sees books as a mirror and a window. Books allow you to reflect on how you feel about yourself as well as how you feel about others. I thought this was so beautifully stated because it’s so true! She’d also totally cosplay Katniss!

Last but certainly not least…

bc group

Our bookclub, YA and Wine, really turned out for this event which we couldn’t be more proud of. We have some amazing members who bring so much diversity, intelligence, and all out fun to our bookish lives! I couldn’t be happier to have helped in creative such a dynamic group of individuals through our shared love of books!

Will the Penguin Teen Tour be making a stop in your city? Which books from these fantastic authors have you read? 

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